Schoolwide Grading Policy

How It Works Grading:


A: Outstanding achievement, far above average, extra effort, well organized and clearly labeled, demonstrating understanding and mastery of subject matter. 90-100% accuracy. (A+ = 99-100%, A = 91-98%, A- = 90%)

B: Good effort, above average, demonstrates strong familiarity with subject matter and 80-89% accuracy. (B+ = 89%, B = 81-88%, B- = 80%)

C: Average, met minimum requirements, demonstrates adequate knowledge of subject matter with 70-79% accuracy. (C+ = 79%, C = 71-78%, C- = 70%)
D: Below average, less than the minimum requirements, work reflects little effort, assignments incomplete and some missing, work is turned in late, punctuality is a problem, 60-69% accuracy. (D+ = 69%, D = 61-68%, D- = 60%)

F: Failing, work is far below the requirements, reflects little or no effort, assignments incomplete or missing, demonstrates very little if no understanding of subject matter, attendance and punctuality are an issue, below 60% accuracy. (F = 0-59%)

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