Courses at Graham Private Christian Online Learning maintain the rigor of college preparatory high school courses, yet are delivered in a flexible, supportive, virtual environment. Our current online high school course directory can be viewed below. Unless noted otherwise, all courses are 5 Credits (.5 Units) each. A year of English 9(1) and English 9(2) would be awarded a total of 1 Unit.

  • Graham Private Christian Online Learning courses utilize the following services:

  • Offered year round

  • Accessible 24 hours a day

  • Use the highest quality, interactive, online curriculum from Ignitia

  • Complete transparency with grading, accessible 24 hours a day

  • One-on-one instruction with a credentialed teacher

  • College preparatory curriculum

Graham Private Christian Online Learning is dedicated to providing quality curriculum and offers over 70 electives including, world languages and career-oriented courses.

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The Ignitia™ curriculum, which was created by Alpha Omega Publications (AOP), is based on a learner-centered model drawing from current educational research.

High School
Junior High

How It Works

  • Flexible start dates

  • Independent study model with weekly teacher-student online meetings

  • Live, one-on-one, web meetings with a credentialed teacher for instruction, support and grading.

  • Rigorous, engaging curriculum that prepares students for college.

  • We use a blend of our own custom Christian curriculum and a Christian framework using state-of-the-art, IGNITIA Learning curriculum

  • 24 hour access to online curriculum

  • 24 hour access to students’ entire gradebook for parents

Graham Private Christian Online Learning offers a range of Christian classes that have been optimized to take advantage of the Internet and virtual technology. For grades k through 12, we supply high-quality Christian courses online, in virtual classes that provide rigorous faith-based instruction. Our summer school program delivers educational opportunities to students who need to travel during these months.  No matter which program students enroll in, they will benefit from top-notch instruction from credentialed teachers and a highly flexible Web-based learning environment.

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Graham Private Christian Online Learning is fully accredited by the National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools in grades k-12