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Graham Private Christian High School is duly listed with the Florida State Department of Education and meets all requirements applying to non-public schools, in accordance with State of Florida Statutes, Sec. 229.808. Transcript Requests Take Approximately 7-14 Business Days. 

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Accreditation Makes A Difference. You want the assurance of a high quality, Graham Private Christian High School. With recognition from one major accrediting bodies, our school delivers an excellent education that meets the highest established standards for high schools nationwide. 

National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools (NACPS)

The National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools, Inc. (NACPS) was founded and continues to be led by men of God and women who believe that schools are responsible to direct the education of youth in all areas of education, including sports.Our vision is to encourage and help in the development of the Christian Private Schools, Prep Basketball Institutions and Religious Exempt Child Care Facilities including Gold Seal Accredited Centers throughout the State of Florida. The National Accreditation of Christian Private Schools will also have a division dedicated to prep basketball Institutions that regulates and monitors each Institutions yearly operations. Holding all prep basketball Institutions at a higher standard while operating in the state of Florida and abroad. Therefore allowing families to make a better educated decisions on there child's future.  

The NACPS is recognized by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families as a certification agent for child care facilities, including after school programs and Accrediting agency. 


National Accreditation of

Christian Private Schools